Product inspection in China

For our clients, we provide services related to carrying out goods control and inspection in China (at the place of production).

This type of procedure is an important part of the order for the importer of products, affecting the further course of the entire supply chain.
Due to the distance, it becomes impossible for you to carry out the inspection yourself.

Also, running a company, you cannot always afford to delegate your own employee to organize a properly functioning on-site inspection department. In such situations, choosing an entity that already has the appropriate powers and inspection tools is a favorable and fully secure solution.

Any manufacturer in China will assure you of both the correctness of production and the excellent quality of the products. However, only a professional inspection of the goods in China will provide you with 100% assurance that you are paying for a full-quality product that conforms to the order you placed and paid for.

How is the inspection of a factory in China?

Ordering an inspection in China reduces the risk of receiving goods that do not comply with the signed contract.

It will be carried out on your behalf by one of our company’s inspectors actively operating in China. By logging on to the Uspect platform, you can book the date you are interested in and specify in detail the other parameters regarding the inspection. Here, too, you will find the complete post-inspection documentation prepared by the inspector.

The inspector you select will undertake the entire procedure based on the highest technical standards, also meeting the criteria you specify.

In doing so, the inspection of goods from China may take the form preferred by the importer and proceed as:
  • Preproduction Inspection in China – aimed at inspecting the conditions under which the production process will be carried out, of course, in terms of the specifications necessary to achieve certain goals.
  • Inspection during production in China (During Production Inspection) – at any stage of production, indicated by the importer; an inspection of this nature facilitates the evaluation of the correctness of the process even before obtaining the finished product – if irregularities are detected, you will gain time to make the necessary changes in the contract and arrangements.
  • Inspection of goods in China, in terms of permits and documentation – an inspection of this kind allows the importer to gain confidence that the goods produced will meet certain standards and comply with the permits issued, allowing them to be imported legally and without unforeseen customs or administrative problems,
  • Container Loading Supervision and Pre-shipment Inspection – inspections provide control of both the correctness of the product packaging procedure itself and confirmation that the expected products and in the correct quantity indicated in the contract will be delivered to the containers.

Upon request, the inspector can also conduct a separate inspection of the entire production site. Inspection of a factory in China can follow general principles, as well as focus on issues explicitly indicated by the Client. All inspections are carried out based on, among other things, the AQL standard.

After the inspection in China, your account on our platform will receive a detailed report prepared by the inspector, along with any photo documentation. You also gain the opportunity to contact the inspector if there is a need to clarify certain issues or supplement the inspection report.

Inspection of goods in China – why is it so important?

Despite the relatively low cost of manufacturing in China, completing an entire contract can be a resource-intensive investment. Quality control in China, whether before, during or after production, or before shipment to the importer, saves you – both a lot of nerves and money.

Properly conducted quality control of goods in China provides the opportunity to detect defects, implement the necessary corrections, and directly to you, as the ordering party, gives you the chance to negotiate new, more favorable terms of cooperation with the manufacturer. In the case of a blatant violation of the standards adopted in the contract, you do not pay the manufacturer for failure to meet the conditions, and you can also negotiate the exchange of products for correct ones – which would not be possible once the goods arrive in Poland.

In the case of a large order, when products may come from several different production batches, quality control while still in China will show whether products from each batch meet the standards adopted for the entire order.

What products are subjected to China’s inspection?

Our team is made up of a group of highly qualified inspectors who can inspect any type of product on site in China. They have the necessary certificates and authorisations, to check the quality of goods from categories such as:

  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Decorative articles, ornaments
  • Interior furnishings
  • Beauty products
  • Clothing, footwear, accessories

Do you have doubts? Do you need detailed information? Contact our consultant to get answers to your questions.