Import from China
– comprehensive service

To the clients of our company we offer comprehensive services for imports from China. For years we have been active in the efficient implementation of such procedures – we have an efficient administrative and technical background, which allows us to quickly and properly organize cooperation at the level expected by the Client.

We provide expert intermediation in the implementation of imports from China, guaranteeing support both locally and in the destination country with customs and tax issues.

Our motto is always to fully clear cooperation with the customer – as an importer from China, you have unlimited access to all documentation and can follow the next steps of the process in real time.

Importer from China – what do you need to know?

Importing goods from China, despite the long-standing cooperation with the East, remains a rather complicated process that requires certain formalities.

The vast distances from the place of production to the destination in a large part of cases prevent the importer from carrying out both inspections and formal (customs, administrative) activities directly in China himself.

If, on top of that, the entrepreneur is a beginner in the industry and does not have a full understanding, it becomes an extremely difficult task to see to the procedures of importing from China. In such a situation, our offer, which includes, among other things, the organization of imports, can come to your aid.

Jak znaleźć producenta w Chinach

Depending on the needs and expectations of our client, can provide assistance already at the stage of searching for a manufacturer – we have an excellent understanding of the market and already established a lot of business contacts in China.

We also guarantee the necessary support related to on-site production inspections. It is necessary, for example, to verify the Chinese business partner not only in terms of production capabilities, but also whether they have export licenses or certificates that allow fully legal production of the goods you are interested in.

In doing so, we also specialize in handling the strictly formal side of importation.

Due to the common Customs Code adopted in the countries of the Community, importing goods to Poland or other European Union countries is called importing, and therefore proceeds differently than transportation of products within the EU – first of all it is burdened with a number of different restrictions and requirements. We will take care of all the formalities on your behalf.

Procedures for importing from China

An important part of the procedure for importing goods from China is the correct approach to customs clearance.

According to the aforementioned EU Customs Code, clearance must take place when cargo first crosses the border of the European Union – that is, it enters a country (destination or not) that belongs to the Community.

It is worth mentioning at this point that goods imported from China can reach the EU in various ways, whether by sea (containers), by air (the fastest option available) or even by rail (still chosen infrequently, but cost-effective similar to sea transport).

Customs clearance of imports from China will therefore be carried out in the first country where the ordered cargo will go.

Its correct course requires the submission of several necessary documents such as:

  • Commercial invoice (issued by the exporter, i.e. the manufacturer in China),
  • Waybill (the form of which depends on the method of transportation),
  • Packing list, which is a written specification of the goods, stating what products have been loaded, in what quantity (gross/net weight of the goods)

Of course, depending on the type of products that are imported from China, it may also be necessary to provide other types of documents – certificates and attestations, a certificate of origin from the exporter or similar (we inform the customer in detail about all the necessary formalities in this regard during the execution of the order).

Along with the aforementioned documents, it is necessary to draw up a customs declaration, under which clearance takes place. Upon its completion, the importer receives a Certified Customs Declaration (ZC299), and the cargo is released for circulation within the European Union.

Customs duty on imports from China

Goods imported from China that will be further resold (released) within the European Union are subject to customs duties.

Only after their payment is cleared correctly and the goods are released. It is extremely important, from the point of view of our clients, to calculate the amount of fees and state it in the customs declaration. And this task falls precisely on the importer.

According to the aforementioned EU Customs Code, clearance must take place when cargo first crosses the border of the European Union – that is, it enters a country (destination or not) that belongs to the Community.

Among the fees applicable to imports from China are:
  • Customs duty – the amount of which is calculated on the basis of the total cost resulting from the value of the goods, the cost of transporting them from China to the border with the European Union and the cost of cargo insurance; the customs rate, on the other hand, depends on the code of the goods as they arrived in the Community (tables of customs codes (HS codes) are used to determine this,
  • VAT – the amount of the tax fee is determined on the basis of the established customs value and the tax rate for the country (in Poland these rates are 5, 8 or 23%)

As you can see, the entire process of importing goods from China is complicated and requires a lot of knowledge and patience on the part of the importer. Deciding to cooperate with us, you gain the confidence that all the obligatory steps will be carried out correctly and within the time limit on your behalf.