Audit of factory and production in China

We provide our company’s clients with services related to the proper import of goods from China, including carrying out the necessary inspections – such as auditing the factory and production in China.

One of the most important elements of the business of importing goods is to establish correct business relationships with manufacturers, but also for the importer to be prudent when placing orders – especially large and high-paying ones. The risks, especially for entrepreneurs inexperienced in this market, are high.

How to prevent a misguided investment?

A solution to protect the interests of importers is to order an audit – whether of a factory or production in China, which is carried out by specialists cooperating with our company. This form of audit allows you to verify the manufacturer, the facilities it has at its disposal and its credibility (because it also includes an inspection in terms of available permits, etc.), even before the official establishment of cooperation.

Audit of a factory in China

An audit of a factory in China, as opposed to an email exchange between a manufacturer and an importer, provides a clear and concrete picture of actual conditions on the ground.

In doing so, it should be made clear that an audit of a manufacturing facility in China should not be combined with a quality inspection – these are two separate processes, although in both cases the importer gains significant information for him.

So what does a factory audit in China consist of?

It is a process conducted according to top-down guidelines, which ensures that the results remain objective. Based on observation of both the facility and the processes or machinery in operation, as well as written descriptions of procedures, the auditor assesses the correctness/compliance of the standards adopted at the plant with the expected standards.

What does an audit of a factory in China provide an importer? This kind of action allows:
  • Get to know the conditions of the factory, including in the context of its capabilities,
  • Evaluate the legality of the selected factory,
  • Evaluate the legality of the selected factory,
  • Determine whether the factory is operating under an accepted quality system (for example, ISO),
  • Determine whether it is possible to make any improvements to the factory so that production can begin at the level expected by the importer.

The auditor, after completing an audit of a factory in China, provides a detailed report, confirming such information as, for example, the manufacturer’s registration data, current export licenses or a current list of suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products.

Manufacturing audit in China

A production audit in China is one component of a factory audit, focusing, necessarily, on the production process at the selected plant.

Also, it should not be confused with a production quality audit, but rather with a thorough inspection of the infrastructure before the contract begins. Each audit of a manufacturer in China is also accompanied by photographic documentation – this is especially important when it is necessary to verify that the technological facilities meet the needs of the importer.