What is container loading supervision?

Container loading supervision – from Cotainers Loading Check (CLC), also known as Containers Loading Inspection (CLI) – is nothing more than a type of inspection, performed by an independent company while the container is being loaded at the escorter’s factory. This is an important part of the entire inspection – carried out to, among other things, eliminate the risk of substitution of goods, to ensure that the container was shipped on time, as previously agreed, and that there are undamaged goods in the container, and that the quantity of goods is exactly as the company agreed with the customer. The inspection takes place several hours before the scheduled loading – when the order is already packed, ready for loading. What elements are checked during the loading of the container and what is worth paying special attention to?

Container loading process – what does it consist of?

The container loading process begins with a simplified quality control check of the samples – this is handled, of course, by an experienced inspector who is responsible for monitoring the process from A to Z. It is his or her job to carefully check whether, to be sure, the samples meet the specifications included in the container. The second part of the container loading process is to check the packaging – that is, the export cartons. If the cartons have deteriorated or their condition is not good enough – for example, through moisture or mechanical damage – the inspector takes this into account in his report. Sometimes when inspecting the packaging, attention is also paid to other elements – the pallet, foil or Kraft paper. The next step in the process is to check the total quantity of goods, the condition of the container, the entire loading process and – the last item – the seal. Only after a complete inspection of the container – the inspector is able to issue a positive report, which is why it is so important to make the right choice of an external company.

Container loading supervision – what is worth knowing?

The process of loading a container can be described by seven important steps – the first is to email a completed form to obtain a quote and order a loading inspection. These issues are handled by the applicant, i.e. the importer or exporter. The next step is to agree on an inspection plan. Then – after its approval – the applicant pays the agreed inspection date. The fourth step of the entire process is to confirm the place and date of the inspection, and then – the fifth step – the appearance of an experienced, competent inspector at the exporter’s factory. Next – the inspector checks the condition of the goods, their quantity and packaging. The whole thing is documented with photographs. The last, seventh step of the entire process is the preparation of a report – which is supplemented by documentation in the form of photographs taken earlier. On the basis of the prepared report, those dealing with the loading and subsequent stages of its transportation can successfully determine whether the goods themselves and the way they are loaded are in accordance with the arrangements.

How to choose a company for container loading inspection?

Choosing a company to inspect your container loading is an important step – which is why it is crucial to opt for a company that provides the highest possible level of service. To meet the needs of busy entrepreneurs, moving with the times and the trend of modern, proven solutions – Uspect allows you to take advantage of a convenient platform that supports fast and hassle-free booking of an inspection date. Thanks to the easy-to-use website – you can successfully select an inspection date for your company, or even a specific inspector from a database of many experienced and competent people. When making your selection – you indicate the specific type of service (for example, the aforementioned container inspection), its date, the product to be loaded and the factory where the loading will take place. Thanks to the ability to book an inspection date online – you don’t have to waste time travelling to the venue, making long calls to companies or monitoring the inspector’s activities on your own. Using a practical website and mobile app – you can easily monitor the entire process from anywhere in the world!

As it turns out – inspecting your company (including CLC) can be simple to organise. With clever, state-of-the-art tools – you can monitor the entire process wherever you are, confident that you are putting the inspection in the best hands of an experienced inspector. What’s interesting is that you choose one yourself for your business, and you get a full, factual report afterwards.

And what modern tools do you use when you want to arrange an inspection for your company?